Recent Work

NRRF: B Radio. Hand- stitched felt/nylon. 2013

The Axe… Cast Iron, Botanical Sign. 2013.

Mustwin Situation. Hand- stitched felt/nylon. 2013.

Opening Salvo. Cast iron, hemp rope. 2013.

UUND/ERST/ANDD/ON’TU. Photo-etched print. 2013.

Myth Nowhat? Hand- stitched nylon, felt. 2013.


Prints. Photoetching and Drypoint. 2013


Antenna Two. Copper wire, pvc. 2012.

Para-Sites. Sheet steel, clamps. 2012.

GhostBox. LED’s, Arduino, circuit, cardboard. 2012.

Good Boy Gone Bad. Rope, copper, coal, motor. 2012.

Feed3+. Performance for A/V Feedback. 2012.

Right Hear. Iron, steel, magnets. 2012.

Dowsing Rods. Iron, hemp rope, copper. 2012.

The Poetics of Potential. Trap, wood, felt, plexi. 2012.

The Smell Haunt. Single channel video. 2011.

Soundwalking. Art in Odd Places Festival. 2009.

The Trees Have Ears. Micro radio sound walk. 2006.