Distance makes the false grow louder.

Sound as a poetics and a material is central to my practice. I use sound-related concepts such as resonance, feedback, language, code, transmission, signal, and noise to research histories with an eye and ear out for suspect narratives. These concepts often propel my investigations into occult subject areas and across mediums and disciplines such as sculpture, installation, drawing, printmaking, radio, electronics, video, and performance. I am most interested in those narratives that come to be distilled into cultural iconography, objects, heroes, ideologies, and then exist unexamined—histories calcified by distance from the source. Through various research and production modes, I create my own suspect narratives and material realtionships that question what we are fed through mass culture.

My research is both academic and material, and I view teaching as part of my artistic practice as well. Through research for my own projects, I encounter works relevant to both, which for me provides continuing inspiration to make and teach.

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